We have worked closely with large Foreclosure firms over the years as well as sole practitioners handling condo liens. We keep up to date on current rules and Chicago title. We have an outstanding reputation and extremely low quash percent. Our reputation is crystal clear. We use every legal method to get the job done and are experts in the foreclosure process and foreclosure sales.

You can trust our expert servers to handle your services, accurately and diligently. We understand most unique tenant (John & Jane Doe) and unknown spouse service. When our returns are filed they will be clear and concise. Expedient and precise.

Our founders have been featured instructors for the BSO and Broward Community College paralegal classes. We have never been sanctioned for any violation. PSI process servers are experienced and under oath. Servers are available to stand behind their service should an evidentiary/ Quash hearing be scheduled.

Our reputation is impeccable. PSI takes great pride in our integrity. We are on top of the rapid changing policies of the Federal, state, circuit and county courts. Forward your service of process documents to us via email, or we can make picks ups in your office. We print, serve and send you a signed E-Return for easy clerk portal filing. Originals are returned to your office. PSI is very flexible and can customize our procedures to your firm’s individual needs.