Process Servers: FAQs

At Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc, we are here to SERVE…you!

1. What is Service of Process?
Service of process means “to give legal notice to a defendant/respondent.” It is the act of delivering a writ, summons, or subpoena upon someone to inform them of a legal action that has been taken against them. Florida law requires the person(s) to be notified in a lawful and timely manner so they have the chance to answer the charges that have been made against them.

Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc has been serving legal documents in Florida for almost 20 years. We are aligned with the best process servers in the state and maintain impeccable standards of service. We are extremely proud of our consistent and outstanding record of Results Served. In fact, we are so successful at service of process that our clients never leave us!

2. Who can serve legal papers (What is a process server)?
The people who deliver legal court documents to the parties being served are known as process servers. They are specially appointed by the Sheriff’s Office or by the Chief Judge. County rules vary, but process servers typically must undergo testing, take an oath, and be bonded. They must follow all the laws and rules regarding the serving of legal papers in the state of Florida. Because the entire case can be lost if papers are improperly served, it is crucial that a trained, professional process server handle your case.

At Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc our average process server has at least ten years of experience delivering documents accurately and legally. They are among the best process servers in the business and are very loyal to us. They are the reason we continue to maintain our very high standards of compliance and excellent record of results.

3. How long does it take to get papers served?
The Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc. professionals are dedicated to providing timely and accurate service of documents. We attempt to serve all papers within 1-3 business days*. We also provide Rush and Super-Rush expedited service of process. All papers are served in strict accordance with Florida Statute §48. You can rely on the fact that we will exhaust every legal method to get your papers served, and we will continue to attempt service until you tell us to stop trying.  Just ask our clients and they’ll tell you that we do an amazing job!

*Sometimes it can be more difficult than usual to serve documents to a defendant: in these cases, we only charge per address, not per attempt, and we don’t put a limit on the number of attempts. If the address is valid, it will be kept on the route and updates will be given to our client regarding the status of the attempts.

4. What are standard fees for service of process?
Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc. provides outstanding service for an affordable and competitive rate. We also offer Rush and Super-Rush Process Service for critical documents and we provide Volume Discount Special Pricing for multiple cases or repeat customers. Because each process of service can have many different factors, please call us at 954-929-9909 and we will be happy to provide a quote for service.

Services offered:

  • Service of process – call for a quote
  • Surveillance – hourly rates apply
  • Other services provided: court filing, locates, notary service, court document retrieval, advance witness fees

5. What are the rush fees for service of process?
Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc provides Rush and Super-Rush service for your time-critical documents. Because each rush service can have a variety of factors, please call us at 954-929-9909 for the most accurate quote.

  • Rush service – first attempt will be made within 24 hours of receipt
  • Super Rush – Service of process is attempted immediately upon receipt

6. Where can defendants be served?
Defendants can be served at their home, at work, in a gated community, in an apartment building. Service can be affected anywhere in the county. Sub-service can be made to anyone 15 years or older at the defendants usual place of abode.

7. What if the person cannot be found or is evasive?
If a defendant cannot be found, we will do a locate on them. If a second address is found we will attempt service at that address. We charge per service address, not per service attempt.

If defendant is being evasive, surveillance can be done at home or at their work place. Because Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc treats every service of process with the utmost importance, we hate to non-serve papers even if there is a guard gate or a fenced-in property. Our process servers will use every legal method to give 100% effort and will continue to attempt service until you tell us to stop trying. It’s what you hired us for!

8. What if the person does not accept the papers?
At Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc, our intention is to provide you with the premier customer service in the industry. We have never had a blemish on our record and we serve process with integrity. We do not implement drop service, irresponsible, sloppy, and inappropriate service of process. Once a person has been identified, they are considered to have been served. If they do not wish to take the papers in hand, they do not have to – the documents will be left for them and they will be advised of the same.

9. What is Skip Tracing?
Skip tracing is a legal term that refers to tracking down a person who has “skipped town” without leaving new contact or forwarding information, such as a new address. Skip Tracing is performed by a licensed private investigator, not by a process server. However, Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc provides locate services on defendants who have moved from the given address. We can do a locate for your papers upon request. We only charge per service of process address, not per attempt to serve papers. Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc uses every legal method available to locate the defendant so we can serve your papers and we will keep trying to serve them until you tell us to stop.

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