We are very proud of our record of maintaining many large  collection law firms and their consumer debt clients for many years. We  follow every inch of our statutes and have had no sanctions against us in  our 20 year history. Zero! We are specialists in collection and get the  papers served properly. We get the job done, the right way! Every day for  over 20 years!

We are collection experts. Our clients find a big boost in the percentage of served papers as opposed to non-served papers. We are not a giant process server clearing house. Owners are hands on process servers themselves. We offer complete transfer of data both ways. We are compatible with collection/service software. PSI caters to selective clients who demand the best!

The majority of our process servers have over 10 years experience serving. All are part of annual renewal and training courses. Servers are subject to full background checks at time of renewal. We are FAPPS & NAPPS Members in good standing. Without a single complaint or sanction in our history. “If it’s not in the statutes, we don’t do it.”

Our reputation is impeccable. We are on top of the rapid changing policies of the Federal, state, circuit and county courts. We provide an E address where our clients can forward their process to. We print, serve and send you a signed E-Return for easy clerk portal filing. Originals are returned to your office. PSI is very flexible and can customize our procedures to your firm’s individual needs. Call us about office staff training, we are happy to come to your office and answer any questions regarding service of process for your collectors and office support staff.

Important: every non-serve or “refused name” service is reviewed by our office. If you choose, we will attempt to locate a current address and serve the paper there. We do this mostly at no extra cost to you. We find in some cases, we save our customers thousands of dollars annually on issuance fees on alias and pluries summons alone. It also saves your company time and valuable support staff hours. We take great pride in finding defendants and getting them served, especially the ones who are trying to evade service. We serve in full accordance with Florida Statute 48 without exception. Servers are available to stand behind their service should an evidentiary/ Quash hearing be scheduled.

Most of our clients have been with us for years. We provide you with excellence every step of the way. We are not a giant corporation with a board of executive directors. We don’t play golf on Wednesdays. We work on your papers and supervise the best process serving professionals in the state

While all process servers are independent contractors we like to think that when they do work for PSI they go the extra mile. You will be amazed at the service. Papers served at 10pm or later (if necessary) or while waiting early morning for someone to leave to walk the dog. We won’t share all of our secrets but let’s just say we are extremely diligent.

It’s called, “The PSI Way!”