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Service of Process Professionals
– Throughout Florida and Nationwide –
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We Specialize in Hard-to-Locate Defendants and Evaders

Services Provided:

We Serve Subpoenas, Summons’, Evictions, Writs of Garnishment, Divorce Papers, etc RUSH and Super-RUSH Same Day Service Available – PLEASE call when sending RUSH.
We Accept and Print E-Filed Documents 24 Hour Live Updates as Papers Are Attempted & Served.
Comprehensive E-Filing Services – Featuring Instant, Real-Time Service Updates CT and Corporate Creations Served Daily
Collection-compatible software, Easily Transfer Data via Our Secure Servers Signed Return of Service and Invoices Sent To You Via PDF Attachment
Service per Address, NOT per Attempt! Legal Support Services
Notary Service, Courier Service Locates
Email Your Documents to Us or Call for Easy Pick-up at Your Location Research and Document Records Retrieval
Available For Any Courthouse or Notary Needs! E-Filing/Data Transfer via Integrated Software
*Chapter 48/PSI Owners are Licensed Process Servers *Call for a Custom Quote for Your Specific Needs


Our pledge to you: As one of the top Florida process serving firms, we guarantee the dedicated staff at Chapter 48/PSI will provide your legal team with unsurpassed customer service and support.  Call us to see if you qualify for staff training on service of process in your office.

The PSI Way: Your E-Filing Needs

Because state regulations change quickly, we stay current by maintaining ongoing discussions with the courts in each Florida county. You can rely on Chapter 48/PSI to keep you informed about all changes by the courts.

Additionally, Chapter 48/PSI features 24-hour attorney log-in access to check service status. We make it easy to view client affidavits, notes, records, and service of process details and we provide live updates to these reports. You no longer have to wait to hear if your papers have been served; PSI lets you view them in real time so you can act on them right away.

PSI also helps you reduce costly and time-consuming errors through data transfer of information directly from your office to our secure computer servers. Our cutting-edge software seamlessly integrates files from your software to ours and back again, giving you secure electronic filing of documents and immediate notification of service. We also accept e-filed lawsuits, summons, writs, and other documents and provide in-office printing and collating.

The PSI Way: Fast and Convenient

Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc (PSI) makes serving your papers fast and convenient! We will accept your documents for service via email or we will be glad to pick them up in your office. Once we receive your papers, our routine service promise is to attempt service within 1 to 3 days. Of course, we always have RUSH and Super-RUSH Same Day Service available!

The PSI Way: Diligent Service

  • We serve selection documents, family law, evictions, foreclosures, etc.
  • We are Experts in ALL areas of the Florida Statutes!
  • Serving Process for more than 20 years
  • Appointed yearly by Broward Sheriff’s Office
  • PSI Founder hired by Broward Sheriff’s Office to lecture on and provide continuing education on Florida Statutes
  • We specialize in serving your hard-to-locate defendants and evaders nationwide
  • Management help for your legal team on tough serves.
  • Management reviews every non-served paper and all co-residents that refuse name
  • Charges are per address, not per attempt
  • We hate to non-serve a paper and will continue to attempt service until you instruct us to stop
  • Process servers in most county courthouses daily, statewide
  • Upfront payment may not be required, 30 days billing allowance
  • Dedicated servers, averaging more than 10 years of service experience
  • Impeccable credentials – no drop service or sewer service EVER!

For the Best in Process Serving Firms, Choose Wisely – Choose PSI!

For more information, please call Chapter 48 Process Server, Inc/PSI at 954-929-9909
or contact us today.